Present and Past
The future is around the corner :-)

Stig Lindell who is the founder of the company has worked as fulltime musician since 1987.
After some years of touring the northern parts of Europe he became more
involved in the record industry. First as studio musician and then producer.
In 2002, Stig Lindell became the bandleader for a new TV show called Fame Factory.
The show went on for three years as a number one music event on Swedish television Channel 3. In "spare time" Stig produced a number of tracks on several gold records and even a platinum single during these years at Fame Factory.
As a producer he has worked for the biggest record company in Scandinavia (Mariann Grammofon) as well as small independent labels in both Europe and USA.
Lindell production has contributed to the music industry in 12 nations and
the network grows day by day.

Some namedropping:
STRIX Production,Swedish Television,NRK,Mariann Grammofon, Irish TV,
Estonian TV, RFM Records, Pilot/Prisma media,Asaph music, Melinda media,
Talking music, Tylden & co and many more......